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Our Mission
There's this notion that to get access to proper legal solutions, you definitely need to break the bank. In ancient Rome, lawyers used to practice their profession freely and honorably. We believe that there is more to legal than the bottom line, and that access to quality legal solutions should not be reserved to a limited elite. No business should ever have to fail for not having access to quality, affordable legal solutions. We are strongly committed to making legal accessible to all, all while growing with a conscience and a soul - and immense passion for what we do. We're extremely happy to be part of so many business' success journeys and are committed to carrying on embracing every day as day 1 until we put legal in everyone's pocket, making it accessible to all.
Our Story
After graduating from New York Law School and spending some time working on wall street, Rami started to notice that a new category of clients started to emerge: Startups & Venture Capital Firms. His passion for technology drove him to open a law firm specialized in technology. Rami and Nadine, alongside an amazing team, further capitalized on the idea while opting for a digital transformation of the business after witnessing the struggle many entrepreneurs had with legal. From this observation, a company was born: Lexyom! It was built on the notice that everyone has an unequivocal right to access quality legal solutions. Today, the legal for all movement created by Lexyom continues to empower founders around the world to help them focus on what truly matters: growing their Business!
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What was Mockery yesterday is the new cool today.
—Rami Alameh